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Multicultural Children’s Book Day: Vaccines Explained Reviews

On January 28th, 2022, Language Lizard celebrated Multicultural Children’s Book Day as a Platinum Sponsor. Here are some reviews of our bilingual children’s book, Vaccines Explained. Continue reading Multicultural Children’s Book Day: Vaccines Explained Reviews

How Movement Can Change Your Classroom

At Language Lizard, we have talked about using music to help children learn languages and different multicultural games for kids to try, but today we start a new blog series about movement. This is the first in a series of interview posts with Anamaa Amador, a bilingual expert in creative movement. Continue reading How Movement Can Change Your Classroom

Introducing #WorldKidLit Month

Inside excerpt from Language Lizard’s bilingual book Who Are We?

Language Lizard is partnering with World Kid Lit to talk about world literature for young readers. This collective of volunteers is dedicated to sharing fiction and nonfiction from aroun the world! Today, we’ll talk about why that is so important. Continue reading Introducing #WorldKidLit Month

Idioms, Figurative Language, & ASD

Let’s look at the challenges that children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) experience when trying to learn figurative language. More specifically, we will look at how Language Lizard’s Idiom Series can support these young learners! Continue reading Idioms, Figurative Language, & ASD

Bilingual Story Walks

We explore the origin of the StoryWalk® and how libraries around the country can take advantage of this immersive idea. Then, we offer bilingual book recommendations to include in your own StoryWalk®! Continue reading Bilingual Story Walks

Why Are Vaccines Important?

Why Are Vaccines Important?

Today we explore why vaccines are important and how we can ensure all children have a clear understanding of the science and history behind vaccines. Our book, Vaccines Explained, provides teachers with a bilingual tool to start this conversation. Continue reading Why Are Vaccines Important?

New Multicultural Book Series Celebrates Diversity, Kindness, and Friendship

We are excited to announce the release of our new Language Lizard Living in Harmony Books. These books use colorful multicultural illustrations and simple text to explain concepts of diversity, kindness, and friendship. Illustrations include diverse characters and settings from around the world, allowing children to see themselves in the book and learn about the world around them.

Continue reading New Multicultural Book Series Celebrates Diversity, Kindness, and Friendship

Multicultural Children’s Book Day – Recap & Reviews

Language Lizard was a proud Platinum Sponsor of Multicultural Children’s Book Day (MCBD) this past January. We are big supporters of this movement to bring attention to the need for more multicultural children’s books in classrooms and libraries.  

One of the best parts of MCBD each year is their online Twitter Party, where participants get a chance to discuss issues surrounding multicultural books and diversity in publishing with educators, authors and parents. If you missed it, you can search Twitter for #ReadYourWorld, and catch up on archived posts. And be sure to sign up for the MCBD newsletter so you can join us next year!

As part of MCBD, we shared an exciting new resource with authors, bloggers and reviewers, that helps educators embrace multiculturalism in their classrooms with lesson plans, games, and fun diversity activities. We’re excited to share feedback from a few of our reviewers here.

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