New Multicultural Book Celebrates Amazing Sports from Around the World!

Language Lizard is excited to announce its newest book, Amazing Sports from Around the World, which explores unusual and fascinating sports from diverse cultures and locations, you guessed it, from around the world!

Ostrich Racing? Tuna Toss? Elephant Polo?

Children will be transported across the globe to learn about Ostrich Racing in South Africa, Tuna Toss in Australia, Elephant Polo in Thailand, and many other unique sports! They might just be amazed to learn that their favorite sports share many of the same elements as other popular sports across the world. 

Amazing Sports from Around the World takes its readers on a fun and exciting international journey.  The book combines engaging illustrations with descriptive narratives about sports from a wide variety of cultures.  Readers will be delighted to learn about competitions that are played with interesting equipment and exotic animals, while still making connections to games that are familiar to them.  It is a wonderful way for students to explore cultural diversity from every continent, while discovering that sports universally bring people together.”  – Sarah Anderson, First Grade Teacher

Written by Douglas McLaughlin with exciting illustrations by Michelle Griffis, Amazing Sports from Around the World is another wonderful addition to the Language Lizard Explore collection which helps readers discover the world around them. As with other titles in the collection, it is available in both English and many bilingual editions with more languages coming soon!

Free Lesson Plans, Activities and More!

This multicultural book comes with free lesson plans, extension activities, and audio to support teaching in diverse classrooms. With colorful illustrations and incredible facts, Amazing Sports from Around the World will appeal to readers of all ages, including older students and adult language learners.

Do you know of any other amazing sports from around the world? Please share them with us!  


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