Multicultural Children’s Book Day – Recap & Reviews

Language Lizard was a proud Platinum Sponsor of Multicultural Children’s Book Day (MCBD) this past January. We are big supporters of this movement to bring attention to the need for more multicultural children’s books in classrooms and libraries.  

One of the best parts of MCBD each year is their online Twitter Party, where participants get a chance to discuss issues surrounding multicultural books and diversity in publishing with educators, authors and parents. If you missed it, you can search Twitter for #ReadYourWorld, and catch up on archived posts. And be sure to sign up for the MCBD newsletter so you can join us next year!

As part of MCBD, we shared an exciting new resource with authors, bloggers and reviewers, that helps educators embrace multiculturalism in their classrooms with lesson plans, games, and fun diversity activities. We’re excited to share feedback from a few of our reviewers here.

Reviews of Building Bridges with Bilingual Books and Multicultural Resources

Building Bridges with Bilingual Books and Multicultural Resources: A Practical Manual of Lesson Plans, Literacy Games, and Fun Activities from Around the World to Celebrate Diversity in the Classroom and at Home helps students develop a greater understanding of, and respect for, diverse cultures and perspectives.

Foster Global Citizenry

Valarie Budayr, co-founder of MCBD, says Building Bridges is “an incredible and much-needed resource for educators and home school families. With easy to use lesson plans and activities to teach children about other languages and cultures. For over 15 years Anneke Forzani has been instilling the skills and understanding needed to foster global citizenry in our children. Building Bridges is a must-have for every home, school, and library. Planting the seeds of courage, grace, and tolerance in our multicultural and diverse world.”

Practical Hands-On Resource

“Teachers and homeschoolers who are seeking ways to add diversity including foreign languages and culture into their curriculum, now have a wonderful new resource,” says Mia Wenjen, co-founder of MCBD. “This new book is a practical hands-on resource of lesson plans, games, activities and bilingual books for kids.”

Promote Multiculturalism, Diversity, Inclusion

Author Rachel Funez thinks Building Bridges is “a great resource for teachers and parents with some excellent information and resources to promote multiculturalism, diversity, and inclusion.” Read the full review here.

Versatile Lesson Plans

The educational blog Miss Panda Chinese reviewed Building Bridges and “found the lesson plans versatile and adaptable for any age group and English proficiency level.  The bilingual storybook approach is brilliant for literacy development, cultural engagement, and class community building.” Read the full post here.

Foster Empathy in the Classroom

Reviewer Allison Haltom says, “As an ESL teacher, I applaud the effort to promote empathy through understanding of others’ perspectives. This book offers tools for classroom teachers to introduce the world to their students.” Read the full review here.

We loved being part of another great MCBD celebration! Visit MCBD‘s website, and discover the many ways you can support this great cause.

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