Smile! You’re about to get a Free Book!

by languagelizard May 20, 2014 Book Reviews

With spring finally here, it’s hard not to SMILE! And did you know that NATIONAL SMILE POWER DAY is just around the corner on June 15th, 2014? (Yes, this is also Father’s Day… another reason to smile!) With this in mind, we’ve decided to GIVE AWAY our favorite bilingual book about SMILING: Augustus and His […]

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How to Help your Teens Learn a New Language

by languagelizard May 6, 2014 At Home

-by guest blogger Tim Johnson Learning a second language can have a lot of advantages, especially in our incredibly interconnected modern world.  It provides opportunities to share ideas and opinions in business or simply to make new friends.  However, learning a new language can be very challenging and many late-life language learners may be at […]

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International Folktale Character: Mamy Wata

by languagelizard April 16, 2014 Dual Language

    Woohoo!  It’s almost summer!  Let’s go SWIMMING! Did you bring your bathing suit?  Oh yeah…um…I totally left it at home…plus you know, I ate less than half an hour ago…I don’t want to get a cramp… You’re looking decidedly shifty. What’s the real reason you don’t want to go swimming?  Ok, to be […]

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Time to Celebrate your Dual Language Learners!

by languagelizard March 12, 2014 Uncategorized

It’s snowing – again.  Inside your classroom, the three and four year olds you teach are restless and frustrated.  Their little noses are pressed up against the windows where paper snowflakes, which looked magical in December, now wilt miserably.  “So much snow,” says a little girl who is growing up learning both English and Korean, […]

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Our Personal Shoppers are at Your Service!

by languagelizard March 5, 2014 At Home

We are pleased to announce that Language Lizard is now offering a complimentary Personal Shopper Service to simplify ordering of bilingual books, multilingual posters, and teacher resources. You gave us your feedback, and we heard you!  Many of you are trying to support language learners but don’t have the time to look through our site to select specific titles. […]

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New Year Celebrations Around the World

by languagelizard January 21, 2014 Uncategorized

Looking for a way to beat the winter blahs? Sweep away the cobwebs (literally!) and join in with celebrations for the traditional Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, on January 31st this year! A colorful, festive extravaganza, this holiday is celebrated with the cleaning out of the old to make way for the new, money […]

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Make 2014 your Year of the Strong Woman

by languagelizard January 7, 2014 At Home

  It’s New Year’s Eve in Times Square, and who’s that woman with the big grin leading millions of Americans into 2014?  It’s Justice Sonia Sotomayor, with a commanding view of her hometown and her hand firmly on that all-important crystal button. Why did organizers choose Justice Sotomayor?  To put it simply, she is an […]

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Top Ten Games to Play with Bilingual Children’s Books

by languagelizard December 4, 2013 classroom

  Using flash cards and rote learning to teach an additional language is like looking at pictures of a turkey dinner instead of sitting down to eat the wonderful meal.  There are so many more interesting ways to experience learning and using a new language! And bilingual books are a great place to start. In April […]

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3 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving…Bilingually!

by languagelizard November 26, 2013 At Home

    Thanksgiving is one of the only times during the year when we can all come together and celebrate the beauty in our lives that we experience for free.  We can enjoy our friends, neighbors, and families while avoiding the stress of some other holidays.  Best of all, everyone of all faiths and backgrounds […]

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International Folktale Character: Nasreddin Hodja

by languagelizard November 14, 2013 International Folktale Characters

I’ve got a little vacation time coming up and I’d like to use it in July.  Any suggestions?   Sure!  If you’re looking for a vacation spot with a difference, look no further than Akşehir, Turkey, where they hold the International Nasreddin Hodja Fest every July. Sounds great!  Um…What is it?  In honor of this famous […]

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