International Folktale Character: The Monkey King

by languagelizard September 10, 2013 International Folktale Characters

      Name: Monkey Uh…is that it? Well, he also goes by Monkey King, Handsome Monkey King, and Sun Wukong, or “Disciple who is aware of emptiness”. And what sort of character is he? Um, the name’s a bit of a giveaway. I get that he’s a monkey, but what makes him, you know, […]

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Think Back-to-School, Think Bilingual Books!

by languagelizard August 11, 2013 Families

  Exciting news! Language Lizard’s got a Best Educational Website award from! We’ve been hand picked for inclusion in the list of Top 101 Back-to-school Websites, and we couldn’t be more proud. We know that bilingual books are such an integral part of quality education for children, and it’s great that are helping […]

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From Summer Slide…to Reading Pride!

by languagelizard July 31, 2013 At Home

“[Here] is what reading is all about: yes, it will make kids smarter and give them a better start in life than non-readers, but for me that’s not the point.  The point is that reading is fun…”  This is a quote from a recent article in British newspaper The Guardian by Charlie Higson, author of […]

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Featured Folk Tale Character: Anansi

by languagelizard July 9, 2013 International Folktale Characters

Q: So who are we talking about this time? A:  Anansi. Q:  Bless you! A:  No,  Anansi!  Kweku Anansi the Spider, God of Stories and Mischief. Q: A spider?  That sounds horrifying. And a spider God sounds even worse. A: He’s not really so much a God of spiders, and his activities aren’t so very […]

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How Big is Your Daddy? Book Review of My Daddy is a GIANT

by languagelizard June 30, 2013 Book Reviews

Book Review: My Daddy is a Giant Written by Carl Norac Illustrated by Ingrid Godon Ages 1-5 Available in paperback and hard cover, depending on the language Review by Maureen Pugh The first thing I noticed about My Daddy is a Giant was its dimensions (8 ½ inches wide by 12 inches tall) and its […]

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Bilingual Books Open up a World of Communication and Confidence

by languagelizard June 18, 2013 classroom

Our last blog posting focused on how teachers can use bilingual books to create preschool links to the K-12 Common Core Standards, specifically in listening and reading (click on the link if you missed this piece). In this article, we will focus on another key area in which bilingual books can help in the preschool […]

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Keep The Kids Reading $50 Giveaway!

by languagelizard June 15, 2013 Giveaways

Do you have trouble keeping your children reading over the Summer? With all of the fun things to do for the little ones, sometimes we forget to keep them reading during the summer break to ease their transition back into school during the fall. Luckily, we have a solution for you that might help… How […]

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No Kidding! Bilingual Books Help Prepare Dual Language Learners for Kindergarten, says New CECER-DLL Report

by languagelizard June 4, 2013 classroom

      A scary new building.  Big kid chairs.  A terrifying new teacher whose smile may or may not be genuine.  Swarms of giant children rampaging around an unfamiliar playground.  And my daddy’s just gone off and left me… The first day of kindergarten is tough! …Now imagine how much tougher it is for […]

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Using the Arts to Teach Bilingual Children

by languagelizard May 23, 2013 classroom

  by Lizzie Davey Because language learning is a creative process, it makes sense to incorporate the arts when teaching languages, especially to children, who are very visual. Using different art mediums, such as music, visual arts, and film connects the left brain (the creative side) to the right (the logical side). This can speed […]

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Featured Folk Tale Character: Baba Yaga

by languagelizard May 14, 2013 International Folktale Characters

Q: Who? Baba Ganoush? Ali Baba?  Yo Gabba Gabba? A: No…Baba Yaga. Q: Never heard of her. A: Well, she’s a mysterious figure from a range of different Eastern European folk tales.  In some, she’s very much the villain: an evil witch with iron teeth who will happily kidnap you and keep you prisoner if […]

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