5 Kid Crafts that Add Multicultural Traditions to Your Thanksgiving

by languagelizard November 19, 2014 At Home

Bring cultural diversity and international flavor to your Thanksgiving with these five easy kid crafts. The best part? They can all be made with materials you probably already have. Plus, they involve minimal mess and are simple enough for most kids to complete on their own. (You can also check out our previous posts for […]

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New (Free) Lesson Plans Support Multicultural Education

by languagelizard November 11, 2014 classroom

Just when you’re looking for new ways to bring more multicultural education to the classroom while meeting the Common Core Standards, we are thrilled to announce that we have another wonderful lesson plan to share, created by our friends at West Chester University. This newest unit uses two popular and beautifully-illustrated books, Handa’s Hen and Handa’s Surprise, to […]

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Congratulations to Winner of $100 Bilingual Book Grant

by languagelizard November 5, 2014 Giveaways

Thanks to all those who entered Language Lizard’s $100 Bilingual Book Giveaway! Congratulations to our winner Robin Vander Groef from NORWESCAP Head Start in Newton, NJ!  Robin is planning to use the funds to buy books for use in the Head Start classrooms.  She is interested in bilingual children’s books in Spanish, Chinese and Urdu, […]

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Celebrating Halloween Around the World

by languagelizard October 22, 2014 At Home

Kids love Halloween: the costumes, the candy, the parties! The excitement and holiday spirit surrounding Halloween provide an ideal opportunity to inject some multicultural education into the mix. We know that American children don costumes, carve pumpkins and go trick or treating, but where did this holiday start and what do other countries do to […]

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Celebrating the Bilingual Child Month – $100 Grant Available!

by languagelizard October 1, 2014 At Home

photo credit: Katherine Dykstra @flickr.com October is “Celebrating the Bilingual Child Month”! To help you celebrate, Language Lizard is offering a $100 Gift Certificate for Bilingual Children’s Books! Books are available in over 40 languages and it’s easy to enter. Simply go towww.LanguageLizard.com/bilingual-book-grant-2014.htm to submit the form for entry.  And don’t forget to let your favorite teachers […]

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International Folktale Character: Curupira

by languagelizard September 10, 2014 International Folktale Characters

What’s that awful squeaking noise? Oh, you can hear that too? It’s just Curupira. Annoying, right? And what, may I ask, is a Curupira?  Not a what – a who. His name means “child’s body” or “covered in blisters”, depending on which Tupi-speaker you ask. Back up. Tupi? Yeah, it’s a family of languages spoken […]

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The Same but Different: Another Way of Looking at Book Sharing

by languagelizard August 26, 2014 At Home

photo credit: Mary Ann @ flickr.com “Come here, little huggy bear!” “Are you ready for bed, my little coconut candy?” “Let’s put your coat on, my flea!” If you’ve ever used any of these terms of endearment with a child, English probably isn’t your first language! And if English is your first language, you probably […]

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New Giveaway: Read to Me!

by languagelizard August 8, 2014 Families

Would you like to receive a free reading guide for young children? The Read to Me! Program in Nova Scotia, Canada recently put together a wonderful month-to-month Guide to Reading with Your Baby in the First Year.  Each month gives information about a baby’s development, tips, recommended books, and rhymes.  And the guide is even provided […]

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5 (Fun!) Ideas to Incorporate Language and Cultural Learning into your Family’s Plans this Summer

by languagelizard July 24, 2014 At Home

    photo credits: Jens Nink, Heather West, both @ flickr.com With summer here, many parents have a challenge ahead of them:  keeping kids productively entertained until school starts up again. Whether you or your partner is a stay-at-home parent, or you just want to make the most of these warm, sunny summer nights and […]

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International Folktale Character: Finn McCool

by languagelizard July 8, 2014 International Folktale Characters

photo credit: Mattman4698, Brendan Cullen, both @ flickr.com Name: Finn McCool (or Fionn mac Cumhaill) Age: Roughly 1,414 years – but a good mythological cycle never reveals its real age. Appearance: Handsome, with very light colouring. Also a giant? Maybe. Definitely a big, powerful guy with a big, powerful beard. Oooh, I do love a […]

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