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Movement, Role Models, & Thanksgiving

Today, as we celebrate Thanksgiving, Language Lizard completes our conversation with Anamaría Amador. We talk about the value in showing gratitude, the influence role models can have, and multiculturalism in the classroom. Continue reading Movement, Role Models, & Thanksgiving

Movement & The Bilingual Child

Excerpt from Language Lizard’s bilingual book Who Are We?

This week we continue our conversation with Anamaa Amador. We learn about her focus on movement development in young learners and what a bilingual classroom means to her. Today, we’re excited to celebrate both National Hispanic Heritage Month and Celebrate the Bilingual Child Month!
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How Movement Can Change Your Classroom

At Language Lizard, we have talked about using music to help children learn languages and different multicultural games for kids to try, but today we start a new blog series about movement. This is the first in a series of interview posts with Anamaa Amador, a bilingual expert in creative movement. Continue reading How Movement Can Change Your Classroom

Celebrate Earth Day With Bilingual Books

Check out these fun activities to bring Earth Day to your classroom! We also have a 10% discount on Errols’ Garden and The Biscuit Moon through April 30th. Use coupon code EARTH21 for these bilingual books!

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Tickled Pink! Language Fun with Idioms From Around the World

Idioms present a great opportunity for students to have some language learning fun. Here, we discuss idioms, and explore activities that use idioms in the classroom and at home.

From “With Flying Colors: Color Idioms” https://www.languagelizard.com/Color-Idioms-With-Flying-Colors-p/idiomflying.htm

What is an Idiom?

An idiom is a phrase with an underlying meaning that’s generally agreed upon by a large group of people. This meaning can’t be deduced by the phrase’s words alone. The definition of idioms is most easily understood by looking at some familiar examples.

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