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Page from Telugu-English edition of “With Flying Colors – Color Idioms” by Anneke Forzani

Our new Language Lizard Idiom Books are a great resource for teachers in virtual, in-person, or blended classrooms, as well as homeschooling families. The Idiom Books come with a variety of FREE activities to share with students and families. Take a look at some of the teaching resources that accompany Language Lizard Idiom Books (available in paperback and eBook). Learn more about the book series and why #IdiomsRock in our previous post.


Free Multicultural Lesson Plans

Language Lizard Idiom Books come with links to 3 free lesson plans:

  • Understanding Idioms and Figurative Language
  • Learning Color, Nature, Food, and Animal related Idioms
  • Understanding the History and Context of Idioms

The lesson plans include an exploration of idioms in a multicultural context and provide exercises that students can do with their families, even those that speak a language other than English at home. Learning together can strengthen parent-child bonds and enhance home-school connections.

Idiom Activities

Below are just some of the fun activities that come with the purchase of Language Lizard Idiom Books. Many of the activities allow students to practice idioms while learning about other cultures.

  • Animals in Mexico: fill-in-the-blank short story using animal idioms
  • Hindu Holi Festival: fill-in-the-blank short story using color idioms
  • Hanami “Flower Viewing” in Japan: fill-in-the-blank short story using nature idioms
  • Guess the National Animal Activity
  • Animal Idiom Games Video
  • Multicultural Street Foods Activity
  • Favorite Foods Activity

… and many more!

Resources to Learn About Idioms In-Depth

Page from Hmong-English edition of “With Flying Colors – Color Idioms” by Anneke Forzani

Each purchase of a Language Lizard Idiom Book comes with additional resources and links to learn in-depth history and background information about all the idioms featured in the books. Many of the illustrations show characters and settings from around the world, providing many opportunities to teach children about other cultures and communities!

Bilingual Books: Great for Take-Home Lending

Language Lizard Idiom Books are available in 9 language editions, offering literal translations and meanings in a second language.

Teachers can create “learning packs” for students to take home that include idiom books in their home language, along with the free included activities. It’s a great way to strengthen school-home connections, and non-English speaking parents will appreciate being included in their child’s learning.

Students can also explore idioms in the home language and compare similar idioms that occur in different languages.

eBooks Also Available

eBook versions of Language Lizard Idioms Books are also available, to make sharing online even easier. They are available through most major eBook platforms, including Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Overdrive.

Free Bonus: Idiom Word Searches

To help jump start the Idiom learning fun, access our FREE Idiom Word Searches now!

Have you studied idioms with your students? Share your experience below, or tell us why #IdiomsRock on social media!

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