Bilingual Book Sets for Older Language Learners

Check out our new bilingual offering for older language learners, perfect for the new school year!

Bilingual Book Sets for Older Language Learners

Ideal for older students learning a foreign language or English as a second language, Language Lizard has created a new 6 book set. These bilingual sets for older language learners include mid-level stories with themes appropriate for upper elementary/middle school children ages nine and up and are currently available in 8 languages with more coming soon.

The books in these sets present more complex content and a higher text level while offering colorful and engaging illustrations to assist comprehension and provide visual support. The collection is an assortment of our most popular bilingual children’s books, such as myths, legends, fables, contemporary stories, and non-fiction.

Book sets are an easy and economical way to build a bilingual classroom!




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