Praise for World of Stories

Multicultural Children’s Book Day ‘22 was busy with a twitter party, book giveaways, and lots of reviews of multicultural books. See what reviewers said about Language Lizard’s new World of Stories books!

Book Review: World of Stories

One of the highlights of Multicultural Children’s Book Day is having so many bloggers, educators, and parents from around the world review our books.


“These charming reads are beautiful retellings of the classic Three Little Pigs’ tale featuring animals found in Asia and Central and South America. My kids insisted on looking up images of the animals described and can’t wait to try their hand at making pepian stew which was lovingly depicted in the illustrations of The Three Little Howlers.”

Lori Tecler

“This Asian rainforest themed take on the traditional three little pigs tale will capture the attention of young readers with its cast of wild animals and its vibrant illustrations. The rich vocabulary and availability of versions translated into a variety of languages, including Spanish and Arabic, makes The Three Little Sun Bears a great read, especially for bilingual readers.”


She shared The Three Little Sun Bears with her kids and here’s what they had to say:

My 7 year old daughter said “I liked it! It was just like The Three Little Pigs.”

My 9 year old son said “I thought it was fun. I thought it was funny when the sun bear put honey on the tiger’s nose.”

My 5 year old daughter said “It was very fun. The tiger couldn’t get in because he was too big.”

Gladys Elizabeth 

She shared The Three Little Howlers (Spanish-English) with her first grade class.  

“The stories are innovative and creative while teaching children about other cultures and traditions. The beautiful illustrations celebrate the diversity in our communities.”

“The beauty of this book, as well as other multicultural and diverse books, is that it provides children the opportunity to see the richness of our cultures and lands. I recommend this book and look forward to reading and learning more with my students.”

Drawings by Gladys Elizabeth’s first grade students.


The Three Little Howlers “is a darling adaptation of The Three Little Pigs, featuring three monkey sisters who build separate homes but ultimately come together to outwit a hungry jaguar. It also includes information about howler monkeys at the end, which brings back memories of their early morning wake-up calls when I spent time in Costa Rica. I can’t wait to read this en Espanol and in English with my kids. Bilingual books are some of my faves, as they give me a chance to brush up on my Spanish and to expose my kids to another language.”

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