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On January 28th, 2022, Language Lizard celebrated Multicultural Children’s Book Day as a Platinum Sponsor. Here are some reviews of our bilingual children’s book, Vaccines Explained.

Praise for Vaccines Explained


Vaccines Explained lays the facts out clearly and concisely, both via the narrative as well as the colourful illustrations, and can be easily understood by a young child.”

“I was especially pleased to see illustrations of female doctors and scientists, as so many books feature male doctors and female nurses. I want my kid to know that girls can be anything they want to be. The book also features a diverse range of people – various ethnicities, various ages including young and old, with and without glasses, with a cane, in cultural attire and so forth.”

“Indeed, vaccines are such a big part of most of our lives, especially the children. This is not just for the COVID vaccine, but also all the vaccines under the immunization schedule.”

For the Love of Libros

“The explanation of the history of vaccination and how vaccines work is done in an easy-to-understand way. There is also a glossary at the end with definitions for the technical terms used throughout the book.”

“This book is ideal for classrooms and for doctors’ offices so that parents and children can learn about this topic.”

Colours of Love 

Vaccines Explained is a straight-forward and timely picture book…With simple text and vibrant illustrations featuring a diverse cast of characters, Vaccines Explained appeals to a wide range of readers, from preschool to middle school, and makes it perfect for teaching.”

Rukhsanna Guidroz

“This informative book uses simple, age-appropriate language to describe vaccines, how they work in the body, and why people get them. Boahemaa gives details of the first developed vaccine and examples of diseases that have been successfully treated since its invention.”

“Brightly colored images of people of all ages, faiths, and races complement the text beautifully. Illustrator Joyeeta Neogi also includes an endearing illustration of a dog being given a vaccine by a vet. Surely a young reader will be encouraged to be brave during their next visit to the doctor’s office, too!”

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