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Bilingualism is a Superpower!

That’s right, being bilingual is a superpower!

In fact, Miguel Cardona, US Secretary of Education, stated that “bilingualism and biculturalism is a superpower” during his recent address at the National Association for Bilingual Education’s (NABE) 52nd Conference. Continue reading Bilingualism is a Superpower!

The Cognitive Benefits of Learning a Second Language for Kids

“Boy Rising Up His Hand Wearing Black Cape” by Porapak Apichodilok via Pexels is licensed under CC0 https://www.pexels.com/photo/boy-child-clouds-kid-346796/

guest post by Jonty Yamisha

Learning a foreign language can give you a leg up on the competition and open up a world of experiences to you, but what about for children? Does teaching them a foreign language make a difference?  The benefits of exposing children to a second or even a third language cannot be understated. Not only can they learn multiple languages, but they can do it with a lot less effort than adults.

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The Many Benefits of Bilingualism

Want your child to learn a second language, but wondering if it will be worth the time and effort? Kids’ schedules are already full of school and extracurricular activities, so parents must be selective when taking on anything new. Read on for some compelling reasons why bilingualism is definitely worth the effort.

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Being Bilingual in America: Statistics & Benefits of Bilingualism

What kind of people are most likely to be bilingual? What motivates them, and what benefits of bilingualism do they enjoy? Whether you’re bilingual, in the process of learning, or just curious about learning a new language, you’ll want to check out these interesting stats regarding bilingualism in the US.