Fun Ways to Learn a New Language

The key to learning a new language is not giving up. But what happens when you become bored or frustrated? The answer: try out a new, fun way of learning. Below are some ideas on how you can learn a new language more effectively, and have fun doing it.

Study in a New Place

When you study in the same location, day after day, it can get boring rather quickly. Instead of doing all your language studying in your home or college dorm, why not go to the coffee shop or library? Changing up the scenery will help boost your enthusiasm towards learning the language, and may even improve the way you retain it. There is a link in how your brain memorizes what you learn based on where you are. By switching up your location, you are actually forcing your brain to make different connections with what you are learning, and this will help you remember what you are learning.

Find a Conversation Buddy

Do a search online to find language learning friends to practice having conversations with. Even if you can’t find someone near you, you can still exchange emails, talk over Skype or even through instant messages. A great free website for connecting with other language exchange friends is Conversation Exchange. This site enables you to have real conversations with foreign language speakers who also want to learn your native language. It’s a win-win for both of you.

Try Podcasts in iTunes or English Radio Stations

You can find foreign language podcasts in a multitude of topics, including politics, entertainment, news and more. You can search for a podcast through Apple iTunes or Google Play. Find what interests you, and listen wherever you are.

Get Out and Practice

Whether you are inexperienced in the language or just timid about practicing, get out there and practice using the language as much as possible. If you’re taking a class, discuss with your teacher ways that you can practice your language skills. While you are traveling, stop someone and ask them for directions in the new language. Pick up the phone and order something, or call a foreign language customer support line.

Switch on the Subtitles

When you are watching a TV program, turn the closed captioning on. This allows you to see the people speaking, hear the words and see the texts all at the same time.

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2 thoughts on “Fun Ways to Learn a New Language”

  1. This article is very timely!

    My family and I are planning to spend this summer in Egypt and we are all excited!

    I have been taking Arabic language for 6 years now, through an online private program, and my writing and reading skills are at the intermediate level. But my conversation skill is very basic, simple because I do not practice it that much.

    As my online teacher always advice me, ‘If you don’t use it, you would lose it’.

    Now, I cannot wait to enjoy this cultural immersion by visiting Egypt the first time in my life, and getting to speak by all means!

    Marhaba biki! Ahlan wa Sahlan!

  2. This is really true. I’ve tried many times that my boredom strikes. It is so nice to take some practices that we may control and prevent those tirediness. This kind of blogpost helps a lot of us just to make our learning process easy .Maybe you could suggest us anything basic learning strategies to avoid tirediness thinking? Thank you

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