New Bilingual Book Explores Patience and Sweet Rewards

Language Lizard is excited to announce our newest offering, When Nani, When? This bilingual book is a sweet tale in which a young girl learns that patience has delicious rewards.

In When Nani, When?, Jaya learns the value of patience from her beloved grandmother, Nani. Whether pruning trees, planting bulbs, or baking delicious holiday treats, Nani is always active. With a grounded wisdom that impatient Jaya finds frustrating, Nani teaches that good things are worth waiting for, even though patience is sometimes difficult. 

Jaya’s long and patient wait for Nani’s cherry pie through the four seasons leads to sweet rewards. In this partly autobiographical book by Jesse Kaur, Fiona Rose’s illustrations capture the beauty of seasonal changes through winter, spring, summer, and fall. Part of the ‘I Feel’ Collection exploring emotions, When Nani, When? emphasizes the values of patience and slowing down to see clearly nature’s surprises.

When Nani, When? is available in the following bilingual editions: Bengali, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Dari, Farsi, French, Kurdish, Pashto, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Tamil, and Ukrainian, with more languages coming soon.

When Nani, When? is the latest addition to the ‘I Feel’ Collection. Also featured in the ‘I Feel’ Collection is Squirrel Monkey, a beautiful story about acceptance and the power of mindfulness. Squirrel Monkey is available in 16 bilingual editions. To learn more about Squirrel Monkey, visit our blog, or check out this video!


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