New Bilingual Books Help Readers Discover Earth’s Diverse Biomes

Dive into the ocean, trek through the desert, and journey to the jungle with Language Lizard’s new Habitat Series. Each book in the series explores one of our planet’s most diverse biomes: coral reefs, deserts, and tropical rainforests. These vibrantly illustrated and fact-filled books allow readers to “visit” these biomes found in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the Sahara Desert in northern Africa, and the Tropical Rainforests in Central and South America, to name a few.

Discover Coral Reefs, Deserts, and Tropical Rainforests

This three-book non-fiction Habitat Series includes the following titles:

Coral ReefsHow does the coral reef get its spectacular colors? Learn this and other incredible facts while discovering the plants and animals that call coral reefs home. 

DesertsHow do desert animals and plants get their water? Explore the many interesting facts about the desert while discovering the plants and animals that call it home.

Tropical RainforestsHow tall are the trees in a tropical rainforest? You can find this out and learn more about the plants and animals in tropical rainforests. 

“The Deserts, Coral Reefs, and Tropical Rainforests books offer clear, direct information supported by colorful realistic illustrations in which textures come alive and fill the pages. Each book provides an overview of a biome and then highlights the way specific plants and animals adapt and interact within the environment. The text covers the breadth and depth present in each ecosystem, encouraging the reader to explore even more.                          – Glen Denys, 5th Grade Teacher & Naturalist

This collection is available in English and in many bilingual editions, including Arabic, Brazilian-Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian, with more languages coming soon! In addition, the books include free lesson plans, teacher resources, audio, and more. The beautiful illustrations and simple text are sure to appeal to readers of all ages. Visit our YouTube page to learn more about the books.

The Habitat series is part of the Language Lizard Explore collection, which helps readers explore the world around them. Other books in the Explore collection include Amazing Sports from Around the World, Musical Instruments from Around the World, and Vaccines Explained.


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