Multicultural Music Book Celebrates Diversity

Musical Instruments from Around the World, our newest release, is another incredible addition to our Explore collection. The Language Lizard Explore collection helps readers discover the world around them. It includes non-fiction topics with engaging illustrations and amazing facts that appeal to younger and older language learners. In addition, all of the titles in the Explore collection include access to free lesson plans, English and Spanish audio, and fun activities to support multicultural education and celebrate diversity.

Musical Instruments from Around the World explores unusual and fun instruments from diverse cultures and locations. This book, written by Emily Kobren, has fascinating facts that will entertain and educate readers of all ages. Travel the globe from Scotland to Australia to Ecuador and beyond to learn about unique instruments that range in age from those invented thousands of years ago to those produced in the last century! The book is available in six languages, including English, Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Spanish, and Vietnamese, with more languages coming soon. To complement the lesson plan for this book, readers can access Language Lizard’s YouTube channel for videos to hear the sounds the instruments make and can download fun worksheets that include a memory game, matching game, and map activity.

Other titles included in the Language Lizard Explore collection include:

Amazing Sports from Around the World

Amazing Sports from Around the World, written by Douglas McLaughlin with exciting illustrations by Michelle Griffis, transports children across the globe to learn about Ostrich Racing in South Africa, Tuna Toss in Australia, Elephant Polo in Thailand, and many other unique and exciting sports.

As with other titles in the collection, Amazing Sports from Around the World is available in English and in nine bilingual editions, with more languages coming soon.

Vaccines Explained

Written by public health expert Ohemaa Boahemaa and illustrated by Joyetta Neogi, Vaccines Explained assists children, and their parents, in understanding the importance of all vaccines. This multicultural book uses science to describe how vaccines work, their history, their importance, and why they are nothing to fear. Vaccines Explained is now available in English only and as a bilingual book in 12 additional languages, including Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, and the newly published languages Hindi and Swahili.

Stay tuned for more new titles coming soon!

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