Interactive Early Literacy Set – Great for Summer Learning!

This unique interactive early learning flip-chart pack gives children an exciting, new way to learn critical English words and themes by adding a sound element. The Touch, Listen & Learn pack is an ideal resource for early learners (ages 3-6), new arrivals, or special needs students. It is easy to use, so children can work independently with the set.

Interactive Early Learning Literacy Pack

Featuring 11 large interactive charts (11.69 x 16.54 inches), the learning set reinforces listening, speaking, and reading skills.

Children can explore the following themes: Home, Fruit & Vegetables, Animals, Transportation, In the Classroom, Colors, Numbers, Shapes, Parts of the Body, Clothes, and Family.

The interactive audio games challenge children to identify and recall specific words and provide immediate reinforcement. There are also opportunities for self-correction – a vital skill for language learning.

PENpal Audio Recorder Pen

The Touch, Listen & Learn pack must be used with a PENpal Audio Recorder Pen. If you do not already own a PENpal, you can add a PENpal (with over 100 recordable stickers) to your purchase of the set at a discounted price.

With the PENpal, children can listen to content in many languages by simply touching the pen to interactive books, charts, labels and other learning resources. Custom narrative, music, or sound effects can be recorded with the Recordable Labels.

To learn more about the PENpal Audio Recorder Pen, and find links to videos and other support resources, please click here. To see all of our PENpal products and literacy value sets, click here.

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