5 Multicultural Summer Activities

Whether your summer has been jam-packed with activities, or peaceful and relaxed, you might be looking for ways to add some language and cultural learning into your family’s summer break. Here are 5 multicultural summer activities the whole family will love.

1. Multicultural Games

Try out a multicultural game from around the world – a great way to get the kids moving and playing together! Try a rousing game of Catching Stars or play Stalker as a group. It’s a fun way to stay active, all while learning about different cultures.

2. Multicultural Music Crafts

Music is a wonderful way to introduce kids to different cultures. Our post offers four musical multicultural kid crafts that celebrate diversity. The crafts are easy to make, and can be made with supplies you probably already have around the house. Your kids will be making music in no time!

3. Have a Summer Festival

Midsummer festivals are celebrated in many parts of the world. In Sweden, family and friends gather to share a big meal, with flower decorations everywhere. Spain’s midsummer celebration involves a trip to the beach and a bonfire.  

Why not take inspiration from other cultures, and have a mini summer festival of your own? Make it a potluck theme, and invite others to join in the fun!

4. Strengthen Literacy Skills

National Library Week: Libraries in Diverse Communities

Want your kids to strengthen their literacy skills over the summer? Find out if programs are available through your local libraries, community centers, schools, bookstores or even online. Bilingual children, in particular, can significantly improve their literacy during the summer by reading bilingual books in both of their languages.

The PENpal Audio Recorder Pen is a great way to build literacy skills over the summer. Just touch the pen to interactive books and charts to hear them read in the language of your choice. Or use the special labels to record your own custom narrative, music or sound effects.

5. Try a Summertime Dish From Another Culture

cover of multicultural children's book about food

As the weather gets hotter, people around the world have different go-to foods to help them beat the heat. Search online for a gazpacho recipe, and enjoy the classic cold soup of Spain and Portugal. Or have the kids help make rolls of spam musubi, a popular snack in Hawaii. Filipino halo-halo would be so refreshing, or maybe you’re adventurous enough to try some durian fruit? It’s a fun (and delicious!) way to learn about another culture.

What fun learning activities have you done with your family this summer? Comment below and tell us about them!

“Swedish midsummer girl” by Marcus Hansson via Flickr is licensed under CC BY 2.0 https://flic.kr/p/nQJeuK

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