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We have partnered up with our friends at West Chester University to bring you 4 new multicultural lesson plans that focus on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills. Access these free lesson plans, and many more, to help bring more multicultural learning to your classroom. (Special thanks to Seán Gleasure for his assistance on the lesson plans.)


Social and Emotional Learning & Happiness

SEL gives students specific knowledge, skills and attitudes that empower them to have success and happiness in school and in adulthood. It involves things like managing emotions, cultivating empathy for others, improved decision-making, and goal setting, just to name a few.

This set of four lesson plans focuses on ways to achieve happiness by maintaining fulfilling relationships, finding purpose, and accepting oneself and others. Establishing self-esteem, expressing feelings, regulating emotions, and developing perseverance are all prominent features in SEL.

Lesson 1: What Makes Me Happy?

This introductory lesson plan empowers children to realize happiness by building confidence, self-esteem, and personal character, while concurrently enhancing their literacy skills.

While completing the activities, students become aware of the sources of happiness in their lives. They will answer questions like: What does happiness mean to you? What are the sources of happiness in your life? How are your sources of happiness unique to those of your classmates?

Lesson 2: Purposeful Actions

The second lesson plan builds on the foundation built in Lesson One. Students come to realize that meaningful happiness can be found through their purposeful actions.

The activities, which utilize the story Augustus and His Smile, prompt students to answer questions like: How can people find happiness in their lives when they are feeling down? What are the actions that bring happiness in your life?

Lesson 3: Those Who Bring Happiness

The third lesson plan in the series helps students identify and appreciate the individuals in their lives who bring them meaningful happiness.

By reading the story Keeping Up With Cheetah, students will think about how others help bring happiness into their lives. They will identify some of those people, and compare their responses to those of their classmates.

Lesson 4: Meaningful Happiness

This final lesson plan uses the story Sports Day in the Jungle to help students appreciate that meaningful happiness comes from comfort with oneself. They will also discuss ways to empathize with, accept, and tolerate the attributes of others.

Some questions asked in this lesson are: What does it mean to be comfortable with oneself? How can you show acceptance and tolerance of others who differ from you?

Discount on Lesson Plans Books

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What brings happiness to your life? Comment and share your thoughts below.

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