Top Bilingual Books for Summertime Reading

When it comes to choosing bilingual books to share with our little ones during the summer, the choices seem endless. Who can decide on just a few when there are so many to choose from?

To help you pick the right bilingual books for your family this summer, we have put together the following lists based on some popular topics.

We hope you will find just the right books to make your summertime as enjoyable (and bilingual) as possible. Feel free to head over to our main Language Lizard website to find even more fantastic bilingual books!

Humorous Stories

Kids love reading books that make them laugh or have a funny, unexpected twist at the end. Get your children giggling with these books: 


Learning about cultures around the world is a wonderful experience for children. Help make this a magical experience with these books:

  • Samira’s Eid (Share with your children now during Ramadan)

Traditional Tales

Nothing can compare to timeless tales which are passed down from one generation to another. Continue the tradition by sharing these wonderful tales with your children this summer:

  • Beowulf (Slightly older children may enjoy the picture version of this classic tale)


Fill your summer with music! The following books will get your children singing and moving to the beat:


We hope these bilingual book suggestions will help you fill your family’s summer with many hours of reading enjoyment.

You can take these books with you while on vacation to read on the beach or they can be enjoyed over and over again snuggled on your living room sofa. Wherever you read them, they are sure to bring a smile to your children’s faces and a whole lot of language fun for the whole family.

Which books do your children enjoy the most? Which books do you enjoy reading out loud the most?

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