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Celebrate Idiom Week with a Special Giveaway

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We are tickled pink because it’s almost Idiom Week (January 14-20, 2024). To celebrate, we are hosting a special giveaway and we do not want you to miss out on this golden opportunity!

Idiom Week Giveaway Details

One winner will receive a set of our 4 Idiom books in one of the 10 languages we offer (see list of languages offered below). Or, let us send you a mix of languages perfect for diverse classrooms. The giveaway runs from December 16, 2023 to January 31, 2024. We are giving you the green light to enter here. (Remember to put your language selection in the “other comments” section of the form.)

The Language Lizard Idiom series is offered in the following languages: English-only and bilingual editions in Arabic, Burmese, Chinese Simplified, French, Haitian Creole, Hmong, Spanish, Telugu, and Vietnamese. The bilingual editions come with English text on the pages and offer the meaning and literal translation of each idiom in a second language to support English Language Learners. 

Language Lizard Idiom Series


Our 4 book set includes the following titles:

Fresh As A Daisy: English Nature Idioms

Whether you’re down to earth or chasing rainbows, this multicultural book explains common nature idioms in a way that makes them easy to understand. 

Icing on the Cake: English Food Idioms

We will spill the beans and let you know that this multicultural book is full of clever illustrations that explain common food idioms.

The Lion’s Share: English Animal Idioms

We are letting the cat out of the bag about this book full of common animal idioms.

With Flying Colors: English Color Idioms

We are tickled pink about this book which explains common color idioms.

Our books come with English audio of the book, a lesson plan that teaches idioms while exposing children to other cultures, fun idiom activities, YouTube videos, and information about the history of the idioms in the book.


Image from The Lion’s Share

Why Learning Idioms is Important

Idioms are a fun and unique aspect of any language. For language learners, the ability to use idioms in conversation demonstrates cultural awareness and helps them to connect with native speakers on a more personal level. (For more information about idioms and ideas for teaching them, visit our Language Lizard blog.)



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