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Join Language Lizard as we Celebrate the Bilingual Child this month! For over a decade, we have been celebrating these children every October. Today we talk about the history of this celebration, how you can celebrate, and our newest Bilingual Book Giveaway!

History Behind “Celebrate the Bilingual Child Month”

A little more than 20% of people in the United States are bilingual. That percentage has doubled since the 1980s and will continue to grow in the future. Back in 2006, Language Lizard established “Celebrate the Bilingual Child Month” in order to recognize the special contributions of bilingual children. In October, we want to encourage literacy and parental involvement, and celebrate the children who work so hard to learn a second language. 

Every year we put together resources to support you in the classroom and at home with your bilingual children. Here is a list of useful articles, where you can find bilingual books for the classroom, activities, and background information about the benefits of bilingualism. Last year, we specifically highlighted multicultural games, food, and music. 

Today, we want to highlight our Celebrate Diversity Sets. These sets provide a great way to build community in your classroom. They also secure teachers and homeschooling parents with the tools they need to celebrate diversity in the classroom and at home.  Each set comes with 10 popular bilingual books and a copy of Building Bridges With Bilingual Books And Multicultural Resources (a teacher resource guide with lesson plans for each book in the set).

Bilingual Book Giveaway

Language Lizard is introducing a new giveaway for Celebrating the Bilingual Child Month. One lucky winner will be chosen in November to receive a set of bilingual books in many languages. If you previously entered our book giveaway, we are starting over and you are able to enter again. Additional winners will be chosen quarterly over the next year. Enter Now!

How do you celebrate bilingualism in your classroom? In your home? Tell us more in the comments below! Follow the conversation on social media using #CelebrateBilingualChildMonth

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