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Multicultural Children's Book Day

On Friday, January 29th, Language Lizard celebrated Multicultural Children’s Book Day as a Platinum Sponsor. The day was busy with a twitter party, book giveaways, and lots of reviews of multicultural books.

That’s a Wrap!

We are always excited to bring awareness to the need for more multicultural children’s books in classrooms and libraries. This year, participants at the MCBD Twitter Party shared the difficulties they faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. They also spoke about the multicultural and diverse books they used to promote activism. You can search Twitter for #ReadYourWorld to catch up on archived posts. Never miss another event by signing up for the MCBD newsletter!

Book Bundle Winner

Congratulations to the winner of the Language Lizard book bundle – Christina Ensling, a teacher at Sugartown Elementary School in Pennsylvania. Christina will be using a set of Telugu-English idiom books and our teacher’s manual, Building Bridges with Bilingual Books and Multicultural Resources, with her K-5 English language learners. Then, she plans to donate the books to a community bookmobile that she started with fellow teachers during the pandemic.

Multicultural Children's Book Day

One of the highlights of Multicultural Children’s Book Day is having so many bloggers, educators, and parents get the opportunity to review our books. Indeed many of you weighed in on our Language Lizard Bilingual Idiom Book Series.

Reviews from Around the World

Click on any of the links for the full review.

Christal Gamble @mamasweetbaby about Icing on the Cake: “This wonderful little book of food idioms helps the reader bring words to life. It gives them personality and form while still conveying a powerful message. The book is light and humorous … the art was colorful, vibrant, and absolutely gorgeous … If you have a young language learner, I highly recommend it, though an older language learner would get a lot from it too.”

Eva Vargas: “The idioms are presented with characters and settings from around the world, using clever multicultural illustrations, side-by-side translations, and an English example sentence.”

Multicultural Children's Book Day

Photo from EvaVarga.netGlass of Wine, Glass of Milk: “Icing on the Cake makes quirky language easy to comprehend.”

Chinese Children’s Stories: “Language Lizard’s bilingual series is a delight to read … The illustrations are also multicultural with a variety of ethnicities represented. This is certainly a great educational resource to have around the house or in school.”

Cerita Cerita Dinara: The colorful illustrations “will attract young learners to open this book from the first page until the last page.”

Bicultural Mama about Icing on the Cake: “Colorful, fun, and clever illustrations show readers the intended meaning of the idiom as well as hints of the literal meaning. A diverse cast of characters graces the pages of these books to reflect the world we live in.”

Multicultural Children's Book Day
Photo from @BiculturalMama

Bookworm for Kids: “These books embrace diversity, and the world in all aspects.”

Danielle Hammelef: “As someone who has personally been asked by my Japanese friends what some English idioms mean, I see this book as a great help to explain in both text and bright illustrations the meaning behind the phrases.”

Let’s Fill The Gambia With Children Books: “Icing on the Cake is a treasure in the bookshelf, every Bilingual, ELL, and Special Education teacher must have one available, as well as the parents of those children who fall into these groups.”

Goya Tales praised the variety of cultures represented in the series. If you have students that speak Tamil, this video does a great job at explaining idioms in two languages!

Multicultural Children's Book Day

Thank you to everyone who participated in Multicultural Children’s Book Day, especially those who took the time to be volunteer reviewers. You can continue the conversation with us on social media using #IdiomsRock and #ReadYourWorld. We are “over the moon” that you enjoyed our Language Lizard Bilingual Idiom Books!

How have you used Language Lizard Bilingual Idiom Books to learn new languages? Comment below and share your teaching advice!

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