Culturally Responsive Teaching Set with Lesson Plans & Bilingual Books

Our newest educational resource, Building Bridges With Bilingual Books And Multicultural Resources is now available in a complete teacher’s set. These sets are available in Spanish and Arabic, as well as a set with assorted languages. Read on to learn more about these sets.

Complete Teacher’s Set for Culturally Responsive Classrooms

Each teacher’s set comes with 10 picture books that pair with the multicultural lesson plans and diversity activities contained in the Building Bridges English-only teacher resource guide.

In addition to the detailed lesson plans, the guide provides numerous diversity activities, literacy games, and fun activities from around the world.

The complete sets provide tools that teachers and homeschooling parents can use to celebrate diversity in the classroom and at home. The unique and valuable sets help educators:

  • Build culturally responsive classrooms
  • Create positive connections with dual language children & families
  • Teach children about other languages & cultures
  • Support literacy development among English language learners
  • Foster a welcoming and inclusive learning environment

Relevant Literacy Lessons

Here’s what a few educators have said about the Building Bridges book:

Building Bridges is an excellently structured, comprehensive, and exciting resource, guaranteed to help foster inclusion and a sense of community while simultaneously creating enjoyable learning experiences for children. The lesson plans, in addition to the vast bank of games and activities, are of brilliant use to teachers for literacy development and social studies learning. In addition, the book helps foster meaningful links between school and home life, enabling parents to play an active role in their child’s education.” Maire Garry, Elementary School Teacher

Building Bridges is a tremendous resource that is practical and contains relevant literacy lessons rooted in best practice. the background information section of the lesson plans provides preservice teachers with essential knowledge and materials important for lesson implementation. Additionally, the procedures are clearly written and easy to follow with strategically placed leveled questions. I particularly like the section on current research supporting the use of dual language books so preservice teachers can truly understand its value and practice in the classroom. Building Bridges is invaluable for any classroom.” Lisa Gordon, Adjunct Professor, Department of Literacy, West Chester University

We have even more reviews from Multicultural Children’s Book Day founders and editors!

Discount on Audio Recorder Pen

Order a teacher set, and you can get the PENpal Audio Recorder Pen at a discounted rate, too!

This award-winning digital audio “pen” promotes reading, speaking and listening for a diverse student population.  PENpal supports differentiated instruction, ideal for:

  • English Language Learners
  • New arrivals from foreign countries
  • Foreign language learners
  • Learners with special needs
  • Any student in need of an inclusive resource that develops literacy skills

Listen to content in many languages by simply touching the pen to interactive books, charts, labels and other learning resources. Or, record your own narrative, music or sound effects with Recordable Labels!

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