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Language Lizard has created a wide selection of unique gifts that are perfect for bilingual students and teachers in diverse classrooms. Plus, through December 7, 2019, get a discount on our most popular bilingual children’s books!


T-Shirts in English and Spanish

Choose from a variety of T-shirt designs that celebrate bilingualism and multiculturalism. “We All Smile in the Same Language,” “Welcome Your Friends” (with HELLO in 35+ different languages), “I’m Bilingual, What’s Your Superpower?”… and many more!

Bilingual Mugs & Superpower Poster – In Various Languages

These colorful mugs and “I’m Bilingual – What’s Your Superpower?” poster celebrate cultural diversity and the love of languages – perfect for educators, students and families!

Posters in a Variety of Languages

Our Thank You, Welcome and Hello posters make great gifts for the classroom! Each poster includes over 30 different languages. Purchase them separately, or together in our poster 3-pack.

Early Shopper Discount On Our Most Popular Titles (Through December 7, 2019)

Now through December 7, 2019, get 10% off some of our most popular bilingual books for readers of all ages! Use code EARLY19 during checkout to receive the special discount on the books shown below. Each book is available in many languages. Click on the book image for a full description and list of available languages.

Babies and Toddlers Will Love…

Just Right for Older Readers

Stories the Whole Family Will Enjoy

For the Holiday Season

Gift Certificates, Too!

Give a Language Lizard gift certificate, and the recipient can choose from award-winning bilingual (dual language) books, multilingual posters, dictionaries, and workbooks!

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