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Child reads bilingual book about Egyptian mythology

We love October because it’s Celebrating the Bilingual Child Month! What a wonderful opportunity to recognize the children in our lives who speak more than one language, and who also understand multiple cultures. 

Now is the perfect time to start planning ways to encourage literacy and parental involvement, and celebrate the children who work so hard to learn a new language.


We have put together a free handout that features 10 ideas for Celebrating the Bilingual Child Month. In it, you’ll find inspiration to showcase the bilingual children in your classroom, get bilingual parents involved in the learning, and get all students excited to learn about new cultures and languages. Print and share this handout with parents and teachers, and start celebrating!

Celebrate with Fun Bilingual Gifts

Looking for fun ways to show your support for Celebrating the Bilingual Child Month? Check out our selection of unique t-shirts and mugs and posters that celebrate language and diversity.

T-Shirts in English and Spanish

Bilingual Superpower T-shirt Celebrates Language Learners
Bilingual Spanish-English 2-Sided Superpower T-shirt

Bilingual Mugs in Various Languages


Posters – Available in 4 Sizes!


Enter the Language Lizard Bilingual Book Giveaway

We began our Bilingual Book Giveaway two years ago to honor Celebrating the Bilingual Child Month, and it’s still going strong!

If you haven’t already, you can enter for a chance to win a surprise set of children’s books. Books are given away throughout the year. Over $2,000 of language materials have already been given away!

And for the month of October 2019, we’ll select additional winners to receive book mini-sets in a mix of languages!

To enter, just fill out this form on our Giveaway Page. The sooner you sign up, the more chances you have to win! (Books will be sent to US or Canada addresses only.)

Note: If you have already entered, no need to enter again. You are already part of every drawing!

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