New Resources for Dual-Language Newcomers

Language Lizard has two new books that are perfect for dual-language newcomers, as well as some recommended online resources to help educators build culturally responsive classrooms.

Classrooms are becoming increasingly diverse. Teachers want to foster a safe and inclusive environment for all students, including new immigrant students. These newcomers face many challenges when adapting to a new life in the US: culture shock, making friends, and learning a new language, just to name a few.  

Rafa’s First Day – New Children’s Book, Available in Many Languages

It’s Rafa’s first day at school. He was so talkative as he was getting ready and walking to school. But now he won’t say a word! He loves writing and playing games… but still he is silent. What will finally get Rafa to open up and speak? A gently told tale, perfect for all children new to a school.

Rafa’s First Day is available in English with: Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese Simplified (Mandarin), Czech, Farsi, French, Kurmanji Kurdish, Sorani Kurdish, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Somali, Spanish, and Turkish

Building Bridges – Lesson Plans, Literacy Games, and Fun Activities to Celebrate Diversity

Building Bridges with Bilingual Books and Multicultural Resources: A Practical Manual of Lesson Plans, Literacy Games, and Fun Activities from Around the World to Celebrate Diversity in the Classroom and at Home helps educators build culturally responsive classrooms that embrace multiculturalism through lesson plans, games, and engaging activities from around the world. These resources help students develop a greater understanding of, and respect for, diverse cultures and perspectives.

This timely and practical manual saves educators significant time by providing numerous ready-to-use lessons and activities to:

  • Create positive connections with dual language students & families
  • Teach children about other languages & cultures
  • Support literacy development among English language learners
  • Foster a welcoming and inclusive learning environment
  • Build culturally responsive classrooms

The lessons and activities in the book will help educators support dual-language children and incorporate diversity in their teaching. This manual includes:

  • Multicultural lesson plans that support literacy and culturally inclusive classrooms
  • Multicultural games, foods and crafts
  • Diverse language profiles
  • Handouts to build community in the classroom
  • Unique multicultural holidays and events to celebrate diversity
  • Useful links and resources
  • Special bonus offers

Online Resources for Teachers Supporting Newcomers

The US Department of Education’s Newcomer Toolkit is designed to help educators (teachers, principals and school staff) working with foreign-born students who have recently arrived in the US. The Toolkit is not only a detailed guide for educators working with newcomers and their families; it also offers a wealth of further online resources within, and at the end of, each chapter.  We strongly recommend this Toolkit as an important resource for all educators working with newcomers.

New York’s Bureau of Refugee and Immigrant Assistance also offers a straightforward guide with tips to prepare your classroom for new immigrant and refugee students.

The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools offers many tools and documents that emphasize the importance of successfully engaging the parents of immigrant and refugee students.

Tell us about the resources and activities that you recommend for dual-language newcomers by commenting below.

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