Support Early Childhood Literacy in International Preschool Classroom

We’d like to share with you a great opportunity to support early childhood literacy and language development to children in need with bilingual books and educational supplies!

Our friends at Give and Surf Inc. are starting a preschool for ages 3-5 in Bocas del Toro, Panama.  The preschool will be educating children from the indigenous Ngobe villages of this underserved area. Their preschool will be the first of its kind in the area.

We all know the importance of early reading for children, and Give and Surf is currently collecting books and any supplies necessary to start the preschool.  They have an empty classroom and an open canvas to build the ideal preschool!  The children of Bahia Honda have had limited exposure to books and would benefit greatly from any support.

One great way you can help is to send Language Lizard gift certificates directly to the organization.

The process is simple: Simply go to our gift certificates page and donate any amount you wish.  You can have the gift certificates sent directly to Give and Surf by entering the email in the recipient box. 
All gift certificates will be used to purchase bilingual books for the children of the preschool.

If you’d prefer to offer your time and help in person, or make a direct donation to this cause, please visit their website at

Many thanks for any support you can provide!

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5 thoughts on “Support Early Childhood Literacy in International Preschool Classroom”

  1. I am interested in giving a donation in person, we are planning a trip for the winter holidays.

    I attempted to access their website but its not available, do you have any other recommendations?


  2. IPC’s (International Preschool Curriculum) entry in Pakistan is a very good step to build higher standards in preschool education. This thoroughly researched curriculum will build a strong foundation in early childhood development. We look forward that schools will adopt this internationally recognized curriculum and implement it in ECD.

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