Language Lizard’s Bilingual Gift Guide for the Holidays

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Research has shown there are countless benefits to growing up with more than one language. Better higher-level brain function, and improved communication and problem-solving skills are just a few. If you’re searching for a bilingual holiday gift, we can help you pick just the right item for that special language learner in your life.

Bilingual Families

bilingual very hungry caterpillar wheels on the busFamilies that already speak a second language will love the gift of a dual-language book. Language Lizard offers hundreds of titles, in over 40 different languages. Each page of these beautifully illustrated stories is told in both English and a second language of your choice. Reading aloud to kids leads to greater success in school and encourages a lifelong love of reading. A bilingual book is a gift of precious family time. Reading together as a family strengthens emotional bonds and improves kids’ social skills.

Bilingual book set of 10

Bilingual Book Sets are another great gift option for bilingual families, and an excellent value. Each set is hand selected to include our most popular titles. It’s a great way to help a family start its own bilingual library at home!

Families Learning a New Language Together

Bilingual CD and bookA bilingual story book with an accompanying audio story CD, or a colorful picture dictionary with a CDROM, is perfect for families learning a new language together. The family can listen to the text in the new language, while they follow along in the book. As many adult language learners will tell you, simultaneously hearing a language spoken and seeing it written is a great way to learn a new language faster.

Older Bilingual Childrenbilingual childrens book and poster

A bilingual book is clearly a great choice if you’re shopping for a child who can already read in a second language. You can search for books according to age or reading level. Language Lizard also offers a selection of colorful bilingual posters, which will appeal to kids of all different ages and interests.

Educators & Organizations that Support Dual Language Learners

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Do you know someone who is working with students learning English or another language? Educators will love our selection of high-quality teaching cards, reference books and classroom posters. These products not only inspire students to learn a new language, they help kids connect with characters from other cultures. Language Lizard also offers free lesson plans based on a range of book titles and themes.

Language Lizard Gift Certificates

Language Lizard gift certificateLastly, gift certificates are always a great option for every kind of language learner. Gift certificates are available in any amount, and can be personalized with a message to the recipient. They are emailed within one business day (or you can choose the regular mail option).

For additional ideas on selecting culturally appropriate bilingual children’s books, please see the blog post: From Hiccups to Tuk-Tuks: Our Selection of Culturally Appropriate Bilingual Children’s Books.

Did you grow up bilingual, or even multilingual? Leave a comment below and tell us your favorite language-related gifts and memories from your childhood!


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    1. With the exception of a few titles, most of our materials are in Continental (European) Spanish. You can find all the Spanish materials at the following link: In addition to many bilingual English-Spanish children’s books, there is also a bilingual picture dictionary that comes with a CDROM where language learners can hear the words spoken in English as well as Continental Spanish. You may also be interested in our “Days of the Week” and “Months of the Year” Cards which have the days/months written in many languages including Spanish.

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