Celebrating the Bilingual Child Month – $100 Grant Available!

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October is “Celebrating the Bilingual Child Month”!
To help you celebrate, Language Lizard is offering a $100 Gift Certificate for Bilingual Children’s Books!
Books are available in over 40 languages and it’s easy to enter. Simply go towww.LanguageLizard.com/bilingual-book-grant-2014.htm to submit the form for entry.  And don’t forget to let your favorite teachers and local librarians know about the giveaway!
If you’re looking for other ways to celebrate this month, read 10 great ideas in our blog post: Celebrate the Bilingual Child Month!

8 thoughts on “Celebrating the Bilingual Child Month – $100 Grant Available!”

  1. I have purchased several books from Language Lizard and they are really great! The students really enjoy them and even the parents when I sometimes send these books home. They can read in English or their native language with their child.

  2. We are in our second year as an International Baccalaureate – Primary Years Program candidate school. As the school librarian, I am searching for “mother tongue” books to enhance our collection. I was really pleased to learn about Language Lizard and see the variety of languages offered.

  3. It’s truly a gift to know more than one language. Children and teens living and growing up in bilingual homes should be motivated and encouraged to share their gifts of being bilingual with those around them. This can be done through participating in language bees, taking fun-activity language classes in libraries, talking to their local librarians about reading books from different countries, and most importantly, talking about their cultures to friends and neighbors. Parents should be involved in every step of the way.

  4. I would love to use these in my Transitional Kindergarten classroom to support my EL students’ foundation of oral language and listening skills for Common Core Standards

  5. We have a large dual language population in my area. As a librarian I often hear requests for dual language books. This will be a helpful resource.

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