How Big is Your Daddy? Book Review of My Daddy is a GIANT

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Book Review: My Daddy is a Giant
Written by Carl Norac
Illustrated by Ingrid Godon
Ages 1-5
Available in paperback and hard cover, depending on the language
Review by Maureen Pugh

The first thing I noticed about My Daddy is a Giant was its dimensions (8 ½ inches wide by 12 inches tall) and its sturdy cover and quality binding. The vertical format and large pages provide an ample backdrop for the illustrator to portray a little boy and his playful, larger-than-life father. The simple, yet boldly-drawn illustrations depict a sweet, loving relationship between father and son.

Everything about this book is big – from the sizeable type to the exaggerated perception this small child has of his father. After all, even the tired clouds sleep on his daddy’s shoulders! And when his daddy sneezes, “it blows the sea away.”

This daddy runs and plays hide-and-seek, and can “kick the ball as high as the moon.” Yet he also can be beaten at marbles as “his fingers are far too big.” The story conveys the absolute trust this little boy has that his daddy will keep him safe and that his daddy loves him with “all his giant heart.”

As a reader, I was charmed, and reminded of how I viewed my own father when I was very young – he was a giant!

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